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Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Hmm...well it's done. I have to say, when I read a book like that, I feel like I should go back to third grade and practice reading comprehension. I started the book several weeks ago - back when our furnace first went out - and thought it would be good to curl up in bed, keeping warm while reading it for the weekend. Well, I ended up spending those two afternoons with a new cross stitch project, some home improvement books and some gardening catalogues. I did read the first few chapters then. I thought the prose was pretty and painted good pictures of the scenes. However, what was going on in the book, was somehow completely lost on me. Books like this one make me feel illiterate and stupid. I just never got it. I slogged through it all, but I just read a couple brief essays on the book and learned what it was truly about. So, I finished it, but I might as well have not.

I guess there had to be a bust, since I've enjoyed the last several of the books on the list very much, even though I never wrote up their reviews.

I'm not looking forward to the further readings of Joseph Conrad, but at least, Elizabeth Bowen looks like a welcome relief so far!
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